Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the 2020-2021 school year.

We will add to this list as further inquiries are made by families.

We have planned a flexible, scalable operating model for this entire school year.  We will be able to scale our campus density up and down at any time to respond to the current health situation in the county. Therefore, despite recent decisions by some local public school systems not to open their campuses immediately in the fall, we have the ability to postpone a final decision about our campus reopening and observe public health conditions over the coming weeks.

For now, we will to continue to plan as if orientations and the start of school, which are still six and seven weeks away, will take place on campus. In the first week of August we will provide families with an update on the status of our reopening plan.

We have reduced the number of students in each classroom and reorganized seating arrangements to accommodate six feet of separation. One-way traffic patterns will be established for movement on campus. Lunchtimes will be staggered to accommodate social distancing in lunch areas.

Yes. As recommended by public health authorities, all members of the school community will be required to wear a mask to school every day when entering school, walking throughout the campus and inside classrooms. We understand that prolonged use of masks could be challenging for students, and we hope to provide some flexibility during each day, when it is possible to do so while still maintaining physical distance.

Allowing visitors on campus will depend on current conditions as described in our four-phase Health Risk Assessment Framework, which can be found HERE.

For the purposes of health risk assessment, parents will follow the same guidelines as visitors, as noted above.

Any student, teacher, staff member who tests positive for Coronavirus should notify the school immediately and coordinate their return to campus with the school, following CDC recommendations. Public Health guidelines, and thus our stay-at-home policies, may change over time. We will provide the most up-to-date information to our community via the Together We Can website.

We recognize that families may decide that they don’t want their children on campus at certain times of year. Because of these factors, we are going to make our instruction available to all students – whether they are on campus or remote. Students who are off campus will be able to receive the content of their classes at the same time as students on campus.

Yes. Based on CDC predictions and the changing conditions experienced so far this summer, we may be able to host all students safely on campus at some times, may need students to be fully remote at others, and may experience periods when only 50% of our student body can be on campus while the other half learns at home. Our schedule can accommodate two, three, four, and six grades on campus on any given day, allowing us to scale the density of our student population up and down, while maintaining the same schedule whether students are learning remotely or on campus.

Our goal is to resume physical education and athletic programming for our students as soon as is safely possible. Our ability to do so is determined by government orders and the guidelines provided by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). Please see the recent announcement about upper school athletics HERE.

Changes and additions to the Campus Reopening Plan will be shared with the community in the form of announcements posted to this website, Together We Can. Each change or addition will also be incorporated into the appropriate website section.