The COVID-19 landscape is fluid and changing rapidly; guidelines have evolved and will continue to evolve. Therefore, many of the plans listed in this section may be altered prior to the end of the school year. Please regularly consult this page for up-to-date information.

Classroom Spaces

Classroom Spaces Physical distancing will require a reduction of the student-to-teacher ratio in most classes. Class sizes will vary by classroom space and by the number of students routinely enrolled in each course. We have been discussing optimal layouts to accommodate six feet of separation…

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Hybrid/Remote Learning & Instructional Technology

Hybrid/Remote Learning and Instructional Technology We have tested and reviewed a variety of resources to make our classroom instruction available to those outside of the class. Based upon the schedule we have created, we do not need to make all our classes available for a complete “hybrid” (half…

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Parking on Campus

When on-campus learning is at 33% or 50% density, all student drivers may park on campus. When on-campus density is higher than 50%, seniors may park on campus each day, juniors may park on campus on either “odd” or “even” school days, and sophomores may not park on campus. More information about…

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