Orientations & Start of the Year

To aid our transition into the school year, all new and returning students will attend an orientation. Organized by grade, these orientations will introduce students to each other and their teachers, cover campus procedures, explain our odd and even day structure, and offer some fun, remote activities. Families should treat these orientations as mandatory; we don’t want the first day of school to be any student’s first day  in this new environment.

Due to our remote start, all grades will begin school on the same day, Tuesday, September 1. Odd classes will meet; please see the daily schedule for your child’s grade for more detail.

Below is the Orientation schedule for each grade. Details will follow about orientation times and activities.

When We Return to On-Campus Learning

According to current CDC guidelines, anyone who travels internationally needs to self-quarantine for 14 days before coming to a school campus. Please be mindful of your travel plans , as self-quarantines for travel could impact the return to school for your children.

In order to properly train students and reassess our plans as they are implemented, students will be returning to campus in phases. For the first several weeks, we plan to welcome 33-50% of the student body on campus each day. Grades not on campus will take their classes remotely.

Events such as Back-to-School Night, parent grade-level meetings, and others will require creativity under physical distancing guidelines. We were pleased by the popularity of our spring Zoom coffee connections and plan to utilize them throughout the school year to share information with parents and obtain feedback.

Early Drop-Off or Late Pick-Up

We understand that families with multiple children at the school may need to drop off earlier or pick up later than each child’s schedule requires. Please know that students who come early or stay late will not be able to roam freely on campus; they will need to be in a supervised space with a staff member. We will provide such opportunities – as long as they are within the drop-off and pick-up time periods for the rest of the school.

Given the need to assure proper social distancing amongst students, staff supervision will be needed for those students who are not in organized PRS activities and remain on campus after 3:30PM. Based on the numbers, a fee to support extended supervision may be charged.

We recognize a need for flexibility, and will provide these opportunities as best we can. We also ask that families consider ways to limit early drop-offs or late pick-ups, as extended periods in restricted movement areas will not be ideal for students, faculty, or staff.