The changes Pacific Ridge School is making on campus are only one aspect of supporting a healthy campus environment. Keeping our campus healthy is a collective effort, one we are asking everyone in our community to support.

Health and Wellness Pledge: A Family Commitment

All families must commit to supporting Pacific Ridge’s health, wellness, and safety protocols and must agree to keep children home when they are not feeling well, have COVID-like symptoms, or have potentially been exposed. We have created a “Return to Campus Agreement” for our families, which will be made available through the Magnus Health Portal in Veracross. Signing this agreement will be required along with the other medical documents submitted for the start of school.

Self-Screening at Home

All faculty, staff and students will use the HealthCheck application via the web or mobile device.

  1. Each morning, prior to arrival on campus, students will complete the HealthCheck form via web or mobile app.
  2. The results of the survey will either be (1) Pass (green), (2) Warning (yellow) or (3) Alert (red). The results are based on answers to health screening questions and the admission requirements as defined by PRS’s Health & Safety committee. It is imperative for the health and safety of our community and to slow the spread of COVID-19 that all members answer these questions honestly. Recording your temperature (without  medication) is part of this process. Students on fever-reducing medication must not come to campus.
    • Only if the result of your health screen questionnaire is “pass”, should you then proceed to campus.
    • If the result of your health screen questionnaire is either “warning” or “alert”, you should stay home and participate remotely for the day or until your symptoms improve.
  3. If you have received a “pass”, proceed to your designated check-in location. Your Quick Response (QR) code needs to be scanned by a PRS employee prior to entering any building.  [See student drop-off/check-in locations]
  4. If for some reason you come to campus and have not filled out the HealthCheck questionnaire, you will respectfully be asked to leave and return once it is complete. We recognize this may be inconvenient, but it is critical that all students are accounted for within the application. Please make this questionnaire part of your morning routine prior to leaving your home to avoid this situation. 
  5. A PRS staff member will scan your QR code (“pass” only) and you will proceed to your destination.
  6. If you are arriving after drop-off times, you will be required to show your QR code to the security guard at the front entrance to be allowed access to campus.


Illness at Home

More than ever, it is important for families to follow school guidelines for keeping students home when they are ill. Any student who develops COVID-19-like symptoms and tests negative may return to campus after three days free of symptoms and fever without medication. Any student who tests positive for COVID-19 should notify the School immediately and coordinate their return to campus with the School, following CDC recommendations.

The below chart, based on the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Department and Office of Education decision tree provides information about when these individuals will be able to return to school. As of 8/17/20:

Public Health guidelines, and thus our stay-at-home policies, may change over time. We will provide the most up-to-date information to our community via the Together We Can website.

Parents should exercise caution about sending students to school with any other type of illness.

As mentioned above, it will be important for the School to have knowledge of the COVID-19 status of anyone in our student, faculty, or family community. Please work with us by sharing information and following all of our protocols regarding illness.

COVID-19 Non-Discrimination Policy

Pacific Ridge recognizes the sensitivity of any and all health information, particularly with respect to any diagnosis or symptoms related to COVID-19. To the extent we are not otherwise required to disclose health information related to COVID-19, Pacific Ridge will keep all such information confidential. Moreover, other than complying with isolation, quarantine, and/or similar requirements under federal, state and/or local guidelines, Pacific Ridge will not discriminate against any student, parent or family who tests positive for COVID-19, has COVID-like symptoms, or is otherwise believed to have been exposed to COVID-19. Similarly, Pacific Ridge will not allow any student, parent, or family to discriminate against any other student with respect to any COVID-19- related health concerns. Should we become aware of such discrimination, the school will follow appropriate disciplinary measures as set forth in the Student Handbook.