School Day

We want to make sure that students are getting a full school experience, while recognizing that the need to stagger and scale the schedule requires a shorter school day than normal. Based on our experience in the spring, we also know that limited screen time is critical in the remote learning mode in order to support the physical and mental health of students.

In general, students will be in school (either on campus or remote) about 5 ½ hours a day. Each school day will have academic periods, lunch, and an opportunity for our signature co-curricular programing (advisory, service learning, affinity groups, clubs, etc.).


Staggering for On-Campus Learning

Due to the need to health screen over 750 students and staff members before they come onto campus each day, we will have to stagger the start of the school day so that students do not all arrive at the same time. In general, the school day will begin between 8:30 and 9:30 A.M. To accommodate the health screening process, families should plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time for a student’s grade. Students will head to their classrooms after they pass their health screening.

Scalability for On-Campus Learning

Given the changing landscape of COVID-19, the reopening plan allows for scaled density (total number of students on campus) throughout the year. Based on CDC predictions and the changing conditions experienced so far this summer, we may be able to accommodate all students safely on campus at some times, may need students to be fully remote at others, and may experience periods when only 50% of our student body can be on campus while the other half learns at home. The schedule can accommodate two, three, four, and six grades on campus on any given day, allowing us to scale the density of our student population up and down, while maintaining the same schedule whether students are learning remotely or on campus.

The tables below show a snapshot of how different densities affect each grade across even and odd days. Keep in mind that these schedules will rotate every two weeks so all grades receive the same amount of in-person instruction.