Advisory, Clubs, Upper School Service Learning, & Other Activities

Advisory group meetings will follow the same campus protocols as academic classes. Affinity & Alliance groups, clubs, and other activities will also be able to meet, with the exception of activities that require off-campus travel or those that are currently not allowed by public health authorities.


Our goal is to resume physical education and athletic programming for our students as soon as it is safely possible. Our ability to do so is determined by government orders and the guidelines provided by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). Please see the announcements section for information from CIF about upper school competitive sports.

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with PLT4M for the upcoming school year! PLT4M is an educational fitness platform designed for schools. PLT4M has built a variety of programs from introductory movement to advanced weight lifting to ensure the proper fit for every student. The PLT4M curriculum is built around progression and planning. They believe in setting common foundations, progressing students through a holistic education into specific fitness tracks that allow them to realize their fullest potential, all while recognizing that no two individuals are the same. PLT4M is a tool that will be utilized by our teachers and coaching staff in an effort to spark student engagement and to strengthen the student/teacher relationship.

Physical Education Classes

Upper School and Middle School Physical Education – The athletic department is working to ensure students stay physically active and healthy while learning either remotely or while having socially distanced classes on campus. While remote, PE classes will be focused on general fitness at home workouts utilizing PLT4M, that are run by their teacher. The expectation is that students report to PE as assigned, and attendance will be taken. For 9th and 10th grade students who are interested in a more advanced strength and conditioning program they will be able to sign up for this training during their regularly scheduled PE period, and have the opportunity to work with Coach Wheel.

Independent Physical Education (IPE)

Given the current landscape with COVID-19 there have been some changes made to the 20-21 IPE program. We encourage students to be physically active in a safe and responsible way.

  • Changes for this year only:
    • Middle School students will be eligible for IPE during the 2020-2021 school year.
    • During the first trimester, when we are not able to offer our usual offering of sports, students are able to get IPE credit for a sport the school does offer.
    • Having a performance or competition goal is an essential part of the IPE program and students should be working toward that goal however, we understand that competitions might be on hold during this time.

Strength and conditioning

We will offer strength and conditioning training remotely to start the school year utilizing the expertise of Coach Wheel and the PLT4M program. As we are able we will transition the program into an on campus format. 11th and 12th grade students will need to sign up for after school classes while 9th and 10th grade students will be able to sign up for this training during their regularly scheduled PE period.

Middle School Athletics 

We do not anticipate that we will have fall sports in the MS. Our hope is that we will during the winter and spring seasons, in line with the decisions that CIF has made regarding the Upper School sports 20-21 calendar (see below).

Upper School Athletics 

We will start our usual sports programming according to the CIF guidelines and will communicate those to students and families as they are published.

Sport-specific skill training

As we return to campus and the guidelines allow, some of our programs will offer sport-specific skill training. This training will be focused on skills and fitness related to a specific sport. This training is intended only for those who plan on playing the sport this school year.

Intramural Programs

As campus opens up and guidelines allow we will offer a variety of intramural sports for anyone who would like to participate. These offerings are intended to be a fun way to get active, build relationships and have some fun upon our return. These programs will likely take place 2-3 days a week after school with some practice and competition.

Arts Performances

Arts performances will adhere to guidelines for gatherings set by public officials and school policy. Rehearsals will follow social distancing guidelines appropriate to each discipline.

After School

The After-School Extension program is currently being reevaluated and, like the Summer Program, will be influenced by current safety and health standards.

Middle School Service Learning

To support the health of our students and the communities with whom they interact, off-campus Service Learning trips will be suspended in the fall. Alternate, on-campus programming is being explored, as is the possibility of re-introducing off-campus visits when conditions allow.

Field Trips

Like Middle School Service Learning, field trips will not be offered in the fall and will be reinstituted when possible.

Global Engagement

Global or regional travel programs would require significantly improved public health conditions to safely operate. While plans are underway for programming once this is achieved, we will not have a concrete sense of exactly what our program will look like until later in the school year. Opportunities to augment global engagement both on campus and in a remote learning format are being examined.