Curriculum & Instruction

As teachers engage with students at the beginning of the school year, they will prioritize filling any potential academic gaps and reinforcing foundational skills. Teachers will be working within departments and grade-level teams to address the needs of students as they pertain to a likely combination of in-person and online learning.


Due to social distancing requirements, our classrooms may not be organized in a traditional Harkness format. However, discussion-based learning will continue and our teachers will incorporate formal Harkness discussions into lessons when possible. During remote learning, teachers will use the same kinds of tools they employed during the spring’s remote learning period to promote discussion and student engagement.

Teacher Professional Development

Throughout the spring remote learning period, our faculty utilized new platforms to connect, engage, and motivate students. They redesigned lessons and assignments, offered extra support for students struggling with the transition to remote learning, and formulated new approaches to student assessment. To assist with this process, Pacific Ridge will continue to support the professional development of teachers, prioritizing students being on-campus and prepping for students being off-campus or in hybrid situations, as required by health and government guidelines.